Web Analytics

Experts in analyzing your web data and optimizing your campaigns.

Ekraft, our web analytics services are a core element of everything we do. Our team is comprised of analytics experts with the most quantitative minds in the marketplace, our experts provide our clients with actionable data and insights on a regular basis. Our intense data-driven mindset, coupled with our advanced reporting capabilities, sets Ekraft apart for any other web analytics company.

At Ekraft, we centralize digital marketing data and provide granular insights to help clients determine the impact of each Rupee spent online. Our web analytics services have a relentless focus on data, which allows us to ensure that our customer's site traffic is extremely qualified, which will lead to a higher conversion volume. By creating customized metrics and reports specific to each client's business objectives and marketing goals, we can ensure a positive ROI.

We ensure the data we extract is accurate and consistent, which allows our channel experts to act quickly and develop actionable insights that will optimize campaigns. These insights also allow our team to make recommendations on budget allocation in real time. As a leading web analytics company, our insights and analysis result in many opportunities for an increased ROI. In addition, we provide advanced attribution modeling, which allows us to assign credit to the appropriate channels and accurately assess the impact of a campaign.