Web Usability

Are you spending good money to build and market your website but not getting results?

Web usability is the ease of use of a web site. Some broad goals of usability are the presentation of information and choices in a clear and concise way, a lack of ambiguity and the placement of important items in appropriate areas.

Web usability will reveal early in your development process what people expect from your website, and expose areas needing improvement before time and resources are spent to build features.

First, we break down the major business goals of your website, analyzing your sales process steps and conversion paths. Then we dig deep into your site, looking for usability trouble spots that are driving away your visitors or keeping them from reaching their goals. We also pinpoint any problems that are keeping you from ranking well on Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live and other major search engines. Finally, we take all of the above and create an action plan, suggesting changes that will have immediate impact on your ROI.